Final Post of the Year

Hello Fellow Bloggers again and for the last time before the next school year,

As sad is it is to have to wait about two months to update you all again, I am very excited to the new year of Grade 8 as well for summer. Over the summer I might get the chance to update you all in a very small post of my summer progress. At the start of next year, I am definitely excited for the start of Blogging again. This year of blogging was so much fun. The Grade 8 class that will be graduating this year set a great example of what we need to do in our Grade 8 Graduating year for the school, in the classroom and on the Blog.  Our teacher Mr. Sterling has been and still is the best teacher I have had over the years. I am looking forward to the next school year where I get to have him again. The highlight of this year has been the year end trip to Muskoka Woods. During that trip I really enjoyed myself participating in the activities that I felt comfortable participating in. Overall my Grade 7 experience was amazing thanks to all of my classmates, and teacher. I am hoping that my Grade 8 year is even better (if possible).

Thank you all again for your support and I will see you all next school year.

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Week 10 Goodbye!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

For the final time this year I will be posting on the Student Blogging Challenge. I would like to say Thanks to all of you who continually followed me on my journey of blogging.

I think my posts had little success and I hope that success continues and grows as I continue my journey on through my Grade 8 year. My participation in the Student Blogging Challenge was not good at all, as I missed a couple of weeks in the Challenge. For that I apologize as it was my fault. This next year in the Student Blogging Challenge I will hope to have better participation rate and success along with it. Please keep looking for more posts from my blog and for some great posts (some that made the Student Blogging Challenge Magazine) go and follow the blog URL’s listed below.

When I will be evaluating the Student Blogging Challenge I will be using the evaluation questions that were posted on Week Ten in the Student Blogging Challenge. They are listed below,

  • How many posts did you write?
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
    • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
    • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
    • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
    • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
    • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
    • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

    Overall I think that the Student Blogging Challenge has been a great success as it has been in the past years. I hope that all of you had the chance to participate and if you didn’t there is always next year! In the Student Blogging Challenge as I said before my participation wasn’t good at all as I only posted ten posts! I think there were a couple of good ideas that had linked into your school like the Week Six Challenge Our Food And Culture. I think Week Six gave the students an opportunity to realize what it is like in other countries/cultures for others to eat. From classmates, teachers or overseas students I received zero comments which also has to do with my participation rate in the Student Blogging Challenge. The post I enjoyed writing the Week #7 Activity #8 because it was a quick and easy post to do. I did not change my blog theme at all because I am very happy with the blog theme that I have set now. At this time I only have seven widgets and I think it is not enough because that limits the things you guys can do on my blog. Another reason why I think that it was not enough because it also makes my blog look more attractive when i have more widgets on my blog. At this time I currently have six overseas students on my blogroll for all of you to enjoy and view.

    My teacher audited my blog in general and he commented that my blog was,

    • For the most part was well organized.
    • There was nothing that was distracting
    • He liked the widgets but thought that I could add a few
    • Thought for the most part I had pictures on every post necessary but a few could use a few more pictures
    • For the most part he thought I had the right idea

    Therefore that is what he had for opinions and I hope you all agree with his audit.

    Well that is all for now. I will hopefully see all of your blogs in the comments down below for your thoughts on my blogging. Please don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts on my blog and on the Student Blogging Challenge. Thank you all for your continually supporting me and I will see next time.


Week #7 Activity #3

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Today I am going to be talking about activity #3 in the Student Blogging Challenge. In activity #3 we are asked to explain what we would do to entertain ourselves if my family was stranded on an deserted Island with nothing but our clothes. If I were stranded with my family on a deserted island I would play catch with my Dad with an Apple. I would also scavenge for food so we could survive on the Island. We would explore the deserted island. We would finally swim in the water beside the deserted island. Finally we would probably search for a way home. Well that is all I would do to entertain myself on a deserted Island with my family. Thanks to all for taking the time to read my post. Please comment positive.

Happy Blogging!

Week #7 Activity #8

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Today I am going to be writing a Haiku poem! Haiku poems are 17 syllables long and are divided up into three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. In activity #8 we were asked to write a poem about an image. Here is the poem I came up with and the image I used,

Oh birds in the sky

The Birds bravely fly so high

Join the formation

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Please comment positive and see ya.

Happy Blogging!

Board Games Week #7 Activity #1

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Today I am participating in the Student Blogging Challenge again. I am going to be talking about the Board Game Monopoly! In activity one we were asked to talk about when, where and why a board game was made. Monopoly was existed in 1902 and was invented by American, Elizabeth Magie. Monopoly was first originally, intended to be The Landlord’s Game but soon became Monopoly. Monopoly was first created to illustrate the economic consequences of Ricardo’s Law of Economic rent and the Georgist concepts of economic privilege and land value taxation. A number of board games were developed just like the one that Parker Brothers invented. Monopoly was first made in Arden, Delaware. Well that is all for now folks! If I missed anything please comment about it down in the comments below. Please be positive when commenting and don’t be afraid to comment.

For more information please go to:

Happy Blogging!

Week #6 Activity #1

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Today I am going to be participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. This week we have been given the topic of food and culture! In my opinion food is awesome! Although I am a picky eater, I love eating the foods I like. A very popular food in Canada is Maple Syrup. Maple Syrup is not exactly a food, but is a very delicious topping to add to pancakes, baked beans, french toast, etc… Maple Syrup is a very popular entree because it can be used on many different foods. Some examples of food that you can put maple syrup on are pancakes, waffles, French Toast, and cookies! This goes to show the options that you can put maple syrup on just about anything! I hope you liked this post and if you saw something that I need to improve please comment about it in the comments below. For information on the student blogging challenge please go to Thanks to all of those who took the time to read this post and Happy Blogging!

Week #5 Activity #3

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Today I am going to be posting a poem about Hockey! Hockey is my absolute favourite sport and I would not rather play any other sport above hockey. In activity three we were asked to add an image to our post and write a poem about the image we chose.

Here is the image that I chose and  what I came up with:

There once was a young kid,

Who could only slip and skid.

At the top, for a stop,

He tried again, for he found,

He came around,

for a shot to the top!

He shouted hooray! He had stopped!

And skid it did, the puck flew for this kid!

To find this image please go to the following URL below,

Well that is what I have and I hope you enjoyed this little post. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please comment on this post please. If you do comment please be positive. Thanks again for reading and I will see you guys in the next post.

Happy Blogging!

Week #4 Activity #1 Student Blog Challenge

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

It’s me again, and today I’m posting about the widget I chose to put on my Blog. I chose the Flag Counter. The main reason I chose the Flag Counter Widget is so that I can see how many people that are visiting my Blog and where they are from. In addition to having the Flag Counter, I can say in a post for example, “Having most of you living in this area I am going to use the time frame of this area.” So having the Flag Counter for a Widget in my eyes was the most likely widget that was going to help me with my Blogging. If any of you are looking into adding a widget onto your Blog Page than I definitely recommend the Flag Counter for reasons I already presented above. If you have used a widget that you think is very effective and you like it please talk about it in the comments down below. I would also like to give a big Thank You out to Sue Wyatt or Miss W. who put so much time and effort into the Student Blogging Challenge. Well that’s all for now. If you could please leave a comment in what you think that I need to improve upon for future posts and if your commenting on something else you want to say then I would really encourage it to be positive. Thank You all for yakking the time to read my post. Happy Blogging!

Free Choice Blog Challenge Week Three

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Today I am participating in week 3 in the student blogging challenge (#16stubc). In week three, most of the students in the Northern Hemisphere are on spring break right now, so we were  suppose to write a Free Choice. In today’s post I will be talking about what happened two weekends ago. As most of you don’t know I play in the Alliance Hockey Association which is AAA hockey. AAA hockey is the highest league level for kids between the age of  seven and fifteen. Well I am the last line of defense; the Goalie. So our team was playing in the consolation side finals. I was not called to start and didn’t enter into the game. The game ended at 3-2 for Waterloo. We lost the game having been the opposing team (Chatham). Even though we lost in the finals of consolation, this was a great accomplishment for our team as students of the game. I would like to congratulate all of my teammates for the success we have made in this season and best of luck in tryout next week! Have any of you who are reading this post been in a situation like this? Where you lost in the Finals!? I absolutely hate the thought of it. If you have been in a situation like this with any sport please talk about it down in the comments below. I will hopefully respond quickly to your questions and connections. And a  Big Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to read this post and best of luck to you all!

Happy Blogging!